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From the owner of Silkbear Siegfried — 4 days after picking him up:

I am wondering if you forgot to tell me that Giselle had met a monkey which resulted in this litter!! You simply have no idea how full of energy this little munchkin happens to be...my only concern is that he has absolutely no fear...and tries to keep up with the Bengal.. who would certainly qualify for Cirque de Soleil..

He can jump 4 feet from the floor...and does not miss his goal; He knows his name..and will come running from anywhere in the house if I call his name...not that I am biased...but I believe that he is a true genius. If he cannot jump to his desired location...he actually looks around the room to see if there may be an alternative route...and then follows the same!!

On the other hand, he demands to sleep next to my hand..or at my elbow.. and will make a few meows when he wants to be stroked. When he is in the living room with me...if I turn off the music or TV...he knows that I am about to leave the room.. and he is certain to see where I go...and then follows..

I nearly feel like a fool...as I have never loved a kitten so much.. I cannot wait to get home from work so that I can see him. He already knows the sound of the car alarm...and sits next to the door!

If I had already finished my renovation,..I would ask to take his brother.. but I will likely wait for the next litter.

He is hardly an angel...but he is certainly my little devil!!

From the owners of Silkbear Wolfgang Puck

Wolfie's Birthday Party - 2 yrs old!

Monday evening we celebrated Wolfie Silkbear's second birthday.

The party consisted much petting (4 hands at once), ice cream with cocoa puffs (to simulate a human version of his favorite food), and two candles. Wolfie did tricks much of the day - between naps. He climbed on our shoulders - which is becoming normal these days. He jumped and walked across Jo's bathroom door, and he joined the party by eating his own favorite dry food. Finally, he leaped on top of the precious toy box and got the thrill he always longs for - unlimited access to all the toys.

From the owners of Silkbear Sibelius (Luke) and Silkbear Maurice Ravel (Jake):

Harriet and I want to send you an update on the two fantastic European Burmese boys that we got from you. It seems incredible that Jake (red) and Luke (creme) have now passed the one-year mark and are now on adult cat food. It seems not that long ago that we were driving up there to fetch our new babies. Though now over a year old, they still provide all of those delightful kitten antics.

We just couldn't be more pleased with the personalities of these rascals--our third set of cats. And how absolutely gorgeous they have grown to be: our friends repeatedly comment on how strikingly beautiful they are. Having lived with the fabulous European Burmese breed previously, we knew what to expect. But of course no two are ever alike, and it's just such fun to appreciate the inevitable differences that they exhibit. People who have had cats but have never experienced the European Burmese don't realize how very different they are. I tell people that they are almost a different species, since they are so much more affectionate than other breeds. You have to live with these cats to appreciate their endearing qualities. For however much you extend them love and affection, they outdo you and return it in spades. I often marvel at how an animal can come to be so demonstrative and needy with humans. I would be hard-pressed to say whether Jake or Luke is the more affectionate of the two. It's as if they feel this constant need to be with you, touching you, purring, kissing you, doing all kinds of things with you, including sleeping with you, day or night (oh yeah, we don't deny them or ourselves that pleasure.)

After our last cat succumbed to old age, we weren't totally convinced that we should or would acquire yet another set. But a couple of months in a catless house soon convinced us that this was just not as it should be, and we scouted around and fortunately located you and your fantabulous European Burmese.

Well, Harriet and I just wanted to give you an update and thank you again for breeding these magnificent European Burmese cats, and to remind you that they provide boundless pleasure to us fortunate owners. I understand that you have introduced some new colors in your breeding--great!

From the owners of Silkbear Brahms (Mick):

OH MY GOD!!!! Helen, he is the greatest cat on the face of this planet. We have breached your contract by letting him outside, but you can't have him back!!!!!!! We kept him inside until 6 months. He drove us nuts not letting him out and since we don't have air conditioning, we can't keep him locked up with doors and windows closed.

He goes out some of the day; occasionally in the evening. He plays with the cat next door for hours at a time. When my wife walks the dog around the block, Mick goes along, the whole way. When I garden, he plays around me and keeps me company. When we arrive home from being out, he usually is sitting on the walk waiting for us or greets us with the dog at the door; he, of course, always proceeds to roll over for us to rub his belly! He takes turns sleeping with all of us, is gently talkative, and often naps with the dog. He is so handsome and soft. Everyone who meets him loves him. And he loves us. He has brought home a dead mouse and four dead baby rats, one for my wife, Monica, and me, one for daughter, Mia, and one for our son, PJ. He often grooms our hair and necks with his very rough tongue. He is incredibly mellow for his age. - Greg

Helen, this kitty is too much, what a character, what a personality! The entire neighborhood knows and loves him, yes cats, dogs, children, gardeners...he is amazingly loving. He and Missy (my 90lb lab) hang out most of the time here in the house, sleeping side by side. Our children (19, 17, and 9) have several friends that simply come by to visit Mick, he is that fun loving and wonderful. He does not talk as much as other Burmese, but when he does it is very distinct and specific. Only wants his dry food (premium) and is very clean. He has even taken to cleaning my husband and sons head around the hairline only... This is the very best cat that I have ever had. Thank you and please feel free to contact us anytime. - Monica

From the owner of Silkbear Orion (Orrie):

Orrie is a gorgeous cat, and could be mistaken for a mountain lion if he were much bigger. He is the most loving and cuddling cat you can imagine, always asking for a tummy rub and purring in response to any attention. He still loves to climb up his huge "Cat Tower" which is probably why he is so beautifully muscular. And he loves to dash around trying to get our older Scottish Fold cat to play with him.

From one of the owners of Grand Champion Silkbear Brubeck (Becker), who was Best European Burmese in Championship at the International Show at the tender age of 9 months:

Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how Brubeck is doing. I must say, you have an excellent way of raising your kittens. He is outgoing, not afraid of a thing and the biggest beggar in the house. He even tried to stick his head in my mouth to get some of the food I was eating for dinner. He is such a baaad boy. What a handful.

He has no fear of the other cats and when he is on the top perch on the tall cat tree, he refuses to move. Everyone defers to my old Maine Coon, not Brubeck. He will, however, share the top of the cat tree with the old boy Merlin. He is fascinated by the baby kittens, moves faster than lightening and has already escaped to the garage. The word "No" is absolutely not in his vocabulary. It's sometimes easier to give in to him than to keep putting him down or repeating "no".

Can you tell I love him dearly. He is absolutely the best. I may not survive his younger years, but I certainly am having fun. He loves to sleep in my husband's lap and stretches out there with whatever cat decides to snooze there also. As small as he is, he has already backed down my big, spoiled, EB, Isaly. Isaly thought he ran the household, after Merlin, but not anymore. Brubeck's color is coming in nicely. There is little or no barring on him at this point in time. His nose break is coming and going, but I'm used to that. He is keeping a great body and is getting lots of exercise.

His first show is going to be the one in Canton, Ohio. This is the Region 4 annual meeting and banquet show and will be packed. I'm taking 3 cats to that show; two kittens and an open. So, we shall see how he reacts to the new surroundings. I'm afraid we are spoiling him terribly. When he is not getting into mischief, he is so loving and as sweet as can be. It reminds me of the old cartoon series about dinosaurs where the infant dino say: "I'm the baby. You gotta love me." That almost describes Brubeck. Thank you again, for allowing me to be a part of the Brubeck group.

As you know Becker had his first show last weekend. I must say he is a natural showman. He loved the show, the hotel room, the people, everything. Competition was stiff but he did manage to snag a first place ribbon over Ann-Louise's Red Boy in a couple of rings and a second best of breed. He was the youngest in the ring.

I have to type this fast because Becker has decided he wants to say "hello" to you, but he keeps hitting all the wrong keys. I have the sneaky feeling that he is going to be one of the boys I can't let go after he grands and is through being used at stud (unless his personality changes drastically). He is such a garbage can. He eats anything and everything. He scarfed down too much of the organic, canned pheasant which upset his stomach and we are treating a little loose stool.

His next show is going to be in Virginia and then Marion, IL after that. Well, just wanted to let you know he is doing just fine. Likes to travel, plays like a fool, and shows like he has been doing it all his life. Thank you for such a wonderful little boy.

Becker is doing fine. He managed to give me the scare of my life, though. He managed to get into the garbage (husband forgot to close the lid) and ate something he shouldn't have. He was throwing up from one end and diarrhea from the other. Took him to the vet and all is well.

I'm sure Ann-Louise already contacted you but I did want to let you know that Becker is now a Grand Champion at 8 months of age. He had a marvelous show at the Cotton States show in Georgia this weekend. Don Williams gave him Second Best All breed Champion; JoAnn Cummings gave him Third Best All Breed Champion; Mr. Cherri gave him 3rd Best Shorthair champion in his Speciality ring and Jan Rogers thought he was the most beautiful European Burmese she has ever seen and gave him Best All Breed Champion. He came into the show with 39 points and gained roughly 175 points.

So, a two show grand! What a boy. Unfortunately, he is going to have to go in the boys room really soon because he is spraying all over the house. Not a little but but a hefty stream. I thought maybe putting a diaper on him for a while might work but haven't tried it yet. He is loose with all the EB girls, my Premiere male, a neutered Oriental Shorthair; a neutered old Maine Coon and a spayed JBT. My particular zoo. Oh, and one Siamese Fighting Fish. You should have seen him sucking up to Don Williams. He was head butting his hand, rolling on his side to get his tummy rubbed, stretched on the sisal pole and had Williams teasing about suck-up points. Becker performed beautifully.

In Jan Rogers ring he did the same thing only better. At first he went a little way up the sisal pole and while she was judging him she used the feather again near the pole. He proceeded to make one big leap and catch the middle of the pole and scoot all the way up. Of course the audience was duly impressed and Jan Rogers had a good chuckle over it. He is such a show off. Now you can take the baton of bragging rights. He's turned out to be a beautiful BIG boy and he isn't even full grown. He is soooo spoiled and I think that makes him a very happy cat to show

Just wanted to let you know that Becker is creating quite a stir here. I decided I didn't like him sitting at #14 in the breed standings. Especially after taking Best at the International. So, I brought him back out. He didn't do a lot at the first couple of shows. However, this weekend I went to the one day show in South Carolina. He made every final; placing in the top 5 in each ring. He had two Bests; two 4ths; a second and a third. I was thrilled.

What really made the 8 hour trip worthwhile was when Ed Yurchick stopped me (not once but twice) to rave about how Becker was the absolute Best European Burmese he has ever seen. He said he was "marvelous"; no barring; absolutely great condition; wonderful temperament; beautiful coat texture and color and "perfect" eye shape. He asked where I got him and I told him he came from California, Helen Erskine; Silkbear cattery.

He asked me if I knew what a treasure I really had. He then raved about him as he gave him Best in his final. Of course Becker was his usual hyper (LOL) self. He headbutted the judge, rubbed along his hand; and since it was the end of a long day; stretched out on the judging table and proceeded to roll over to get his tummy rubbed. Oh, at one point he did show a little energy and stretched up the sisal post and yawned.

He usually flies up the sisal posts to see what he can find at the top. Needless to say, I'm not really proud of him MUCH. He isn't spoiled MUCH just one heck of a lot. Well, just wanted to give you an update on our boy. He's loose in his room now letting me know I haven't given him his afternoon treat yet. So, I had better run before he starts battering down the door. Oh, one other thing. He is a proven stud. CJ Keim and her husband decided to use him on her female Bodyguards Franjelica. Well, Franjelica just had 9 (yep 9) babies. Oooh this is so much fun. Hope this rather long missive finds you and yours in good health.

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